Artrageous Gallery is proud to announce its representation of the outstanding work of contemporary American artist, Andrew Leipzig.

    Andy “Zig” Leipzig is a contemporary artist whose work crosses the boundaries of classical art and modern technology. Diametrically opposed themes, He weaves together the visual language of fine art and the media driven realities of the modern world into an extraordinarily powerful synthesis and an incisive comment on art, perception and the human condition. Influenced by society’s increasing commercialization, “Zig” creates surrealist works that are acutely intuitive but do not take themselves too seriously.
- Pulse Magazine

    The informed viewer will most often respond with humor, or be even more deeply affected, by these pieces. These responses are the result of the perceiver dealing with a state of cognitive dissonance, where two or more contradictory perceptions are held simultaneously to be the case. Laughter is an adaptive response to such a discovery, and many of these works are seen to be funny. Funny is, however, not a characteristic of an object or event, but of a person’s perception of an object or event. Funny, it may be said, lies in the beholder.

    His newest creations are currently exhibited at Artrageous Gallery.

    We look forward to seeing you on your next visit to the gallery.

  • Zig, I Spy, Hand Embellished print with Diamond Dust, 36" x 36" 

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